Key Art designs for Showtime's revival of the cult classic.

Twin Peaks

Art Direction, Best Of, Key Art Design
October 2014 Approx. 48 Hours Adobe Photoshop CC
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I’m a huge fan of Twin Peaks. Like “I want to be buried in Snoqualmie, WA when I‘m dead” huge. So the latest news of the show’s revival on Showtime after 25 years was the best entertainment news that I could ever get. (Well, that and a Friends reunion)

The information about the revival is still unknown (who’s gonna return? Etc.) and the series hasn’t even gone into production yet, so I had limited resources. But since Kyle Maclachlan’s Special Agent Dale Cooper was and always will be a key player for the series I decided to use him and get creative from that. (Also, he kinda hinted that he’ll be back on his twitter account)

The “Black Lodge” version talks to the already established fanbase of the series while the others are talking more to general audiences.

The whole process took about two days, that includes coming up with the ideas, searching for the source images and putting it together.



To me, Twin Peaks fandom is one of the passionate fandoms out there. The fact that it’s still going on strong after all these years, is truly amazing. I am part of that fandom and been following some fans and websites on Twitter. So after I was done with these posters I posted them on Twitter and Instagram with Twin Peaks hashtag and they got some interest and retweets. In a couple of hours, posters were on the first page of (which is one of the biggest twin peaks fan sites) and from there it went viral in the Twin Peaks fan community. People were commenting, sharing, liking, but also discussing if they were real since I also shared the “On Display” versions. The whole campaign was featured on multiple websites. People start uploading them on Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest etc. In the end, I got thousands of likes, reblogs, comments and shares, but most importantly a great exposure. Since then, some websites and book authors interviewed me about my work and my passion for Twin Peaks and the posters were displayed in Twin Peaks Festival UK.

You can see some of the shares and links below. To read my interview about the project please click here.



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