Promo Kit For Steven Soderberg's Thriller

Side Effects

Campaigns, Best Of January 2013
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This Campaign Was One Of The Finalists In 2012 Key Art Awards

Side Effects is a 2013 American psychological thriller film directed by Steven Soderbergh. The film concerns the ramifications of an event following a young woman being prescribed antidepressant drugs.

This promo kit is built for to screen the film to press members. Press members are challenged to experience the similar side effects from the film, to unlock the mystery behind the film’s secretive plot and watch the full screener by completing the seven day program.


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Day 1 – Vision Impairment:

Visitors try to watch the first 3 minutes of the film with blurry visual and spotty images.

Day 2 – Stillness:

A piece of press junket of the film shown in slo-mo along with the freeze frames.

Day 3 – Hearing Impairment:

A key scene from the film shown with no audible dialogue, just ambient sounds.

Day 4 – Confusion:

The website is displayed mirrored with glitches while the mouse control lags for a couple of seconds and acts in the opposite direction.

Day 5 – Insomnia:

This portion of the website can only be seen after midnight and it includes an explicit scene from the film.

Day 6 – Speech Difficulty:

During a 2 minute chat with Dr. Jonathan Banks (portrayed by Jude Law) visitors experience a serious lag with their cams and microphones, resulting a difficulty to speak while their image and sound echoes towards them.

Day 7 – Death:

After witnessing a horrific murder scene, visitors can watch the entire screener and unlock the mystery.


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