Award Winning Integrated Campaign for Paramount's

Paranormal Activity 3

Art Direction, Best Of September 2012
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Paranormal Activity movies, dethroned the SAW movies and became the new cinema tradition of the Halloween. The third installment of the franchise, explains more on  “the activity” by going back to the childhood of the two sisters in the previous movies.

By using a various real life scare tactics we want to remind the people “Paranormal Activity” is an important part of the Halloween.


The first teaser of the movie shows two little sisters playing Bloody Mary in bathroom. With this information at hand, we make the audience have a similar kind of experience with mechanism that built in public toilets. Please hover over the numbered dots above to read about the experience step by step.

 This component for this campaign won Bronze on Student Category of 2012 The Hollywood Reporter’s Key Art Awards.


Instead of using usual key arts for the billboards, I came up with an interactive one. The source of “the activity” in the third film is introduced as Toby, the imaginary friend of little Kristi. By using this information, I designed a special billboard which features two different images by day and night. By day, the billboard looks like an ad for a help line for special children. But by night, with the special print techniques and ultraviolet lights placed behind the ad, the true version of the ad becomes visible, showing the real source of the activity and the so called “imaginary” friend.

PA3BillBoardDay PA3BillBoardNight


How do you make a simple print ad to scare people? Since the whole campaign is based on “the things are being visible in the darkness” I used the same idea to come with this print ad. The ad shows nothing but a few tagline in the broad daylight, but when it’s read on darkness, the special “glow in the dark” print becomes visible and shows a QR code. This code only works in the dark, forcing people to watch the special preview in complete darkness, just like they’re gonna do in the movie theater.


An iPhone game for the franchise. The main goal of the Apptivity is to catch the paranormal activities around you by using your phones camera and flashlight. By taking a 3 minute rounds, the user navigates through its surroundings. The application is supported by the sound effects, randomly generated “scary activities” from the franchise and an “activity radar” to build up the atmosphere. When the user completes the round the special sneak peak of the film can be seen.

WEB - THEACTIVITY.COM is the official website for the franchise, which only can be visited during the night hours. While it features the key info for the films, it’s also an interactive experience where users can log in with their Facebook accounts and their webcams. The website is divided in couple sections, they are:

// Households: Features the information about the cast, storylines for each film, while users can watch the footage from the film like a live cam feed. Also a surprise, which is explained in the “Pass The Curse” section.

// The Footage: Trailers for the each film, listed in chronicle order.

// Lost Tapes: An exclusive section that features deleted and extended scenes from the films.

// Discover The Truth: Screening information for the third film.

// Pass The Curse: When users navigate through households, they can see themselves as one of the households where “the activity” takes place. While they been navigating through the site, the feed of their webcam is recorded and then later on served with a special fx, which shows mysterious dark figures on their footage. Users can make their friends live this experience by pasing the curse. They can also share their scare moments on social networks.


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