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Key Art Designer

Emre Unayli was born in April of 1988 in Turkey. The visual arts in general, but mostly cinema, has always been a big part of Emre’s life. He inherited his artistic skills from his late grandfather and his father, who were both interested in cinema. His first motion picture experience was in 1992*, when he was only 4 years old. He was the guy who would sit behind his desk and draw movie posters or try to come up with synopsis for imaginary films during class. When he admitted to himself that he loathed math and had no interest in anything but the visual arts, he decided to study in this field. In 2006, he was accepted into Beykent University’s Cinema & Television program, on full scholarship and graduated with honors. However, this wasn’t enough for him to achieve his dreams, so he decided to continue studying and improve both himself and his skills.

In 2011, his life changed almost instantly when he was accepted into Miami Ad School’s Art Direction program, again on scholarship. This time, instead of sitting at the back of the class and hiding his passion, he was encouraged to sit in front of the teacher and design movie posters. His life only got better when he subsequently won two awards from Hollywood Reporter’s Key Art Awards, including one Gold Statue as a student.

As a pop culture maven, Emre is thankful for many things (like Showtime’s revival of Twin Peaks or Amazon Fire Tv). Most importanly, he’s thankful for being lucky enough to do his passion for a living.

*The film was Home Alone 2. And he would cover his eyes during the previews of The Addams Family, because he was kinda scared of them.

2011 – 2013 – MIAMI AD SCHOOL

Art Direction (w/ %50 Scholarship)


Cinema & Television (B.A.) (w/ Full Scholarship)
2015 – Punch, Turkey – Copywriter
2013 – DMG, Beijing – Creative Intern
(CLIENTS: Marvel’s Iron Man 3, Mazda, Volkswagen…)
2012 – Rabarba Digital Agency, Turkey – Copywriting Intern
(CLIENTS: Turkcell, Dove Men…)
2009 – Fox International Channels, Turkey – Asistant, Editing Department & Programming


Finalist – Side Effects Promo Kit


1st Place (Gold Statue) – Scream For It
3rd Place (Bronze Statue) – Scared S**tless
Finalist – Downton Abbey Box Set Packaging

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Multitasking is how i keep myself busy.

Key Art Design

There is nothing that makes me more excited than a good poster or trailer when it comes to entertainment. My passion for the key art design began in my childhood. I have come a long way from drawing stick figures on the back of school books to learning Photoshop and creating my own designs. I believe key art visuals are one of the most important components of an entertainment product and it’s an art form where my heart strongly resides.


I created an alter ego when I was 6. He was a child actor, then a boy band member and a successful singer…. I never had a childhood where I would go out, ride a bike or play soccer. I always chose to create my own world, imagine things, plan them, write them down. I remember vividly one boring family trip, I even imagined my own t.v channel and its schedule while riding in the back of back of a car…I was just 9. These all came in handy when I started my journey to the path of the creative world. I’m dealing with real life concepts and campaigns now, of course, but that didn’t stop the childhood alter ego to go out and win multiple Grammys in my head.

Integrated Campaigns

The first thing I learned when I was studying at the Miami Ad School was how to expand my ideas into multiple platforms. I’m always thinking about where I can catch the next audience.The answers come in every shape and form. Sometimes it’s a public bathroom (see the award winning campaign that I did for Paranormal Activity 3) or a billboard that you can virtually hug(Jason Mraz’s Love Campaign). I don’t believe in dull components, even if it’s a basic magazine ad or a banner, it should be interesting and eye catching.

Image Editing

It all started with retouching acne that showed up in my selfies in my youth. Then it evolved further into whitening my teeth, changing my eye color, swapping my head with celebrities’ and so on… Since I would say that I ‘suck’ at drawing, image manipulations and editing feels like the closest thing I can get to creating something with my own hands. It’s also more fun to play with since there is no “undo” button on a real canvas.


When I first applied to the Miami Ad School, I applied to the Copywriting program. Thankfully, the founder of the school saw my potential in art direction and pointed me in the right way. Although, never one to be deterred, that didn’t stop me from getting the “copywriting” courses as well. I’m keeping this as my little secret though, because if I do both they won’t pay me double. Then again, I’ve been doing both things my whole life, whether it’s a t.v commercial script, a campaign idea, a tagline or a novel.

Video Editing

I spent half of my college life waiting for a render to finish in Final Cut Pro. I edited student films, fan made trailers and some music videos. Then I started editing my own case videos for the ideas that I found. I’m fluent in both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere programs. Movie trailers were on my career path until I decided to really focus on Art Direction. I am and will always be one of those guys who rushes into the theater making sure not to miss the previews.


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